Campsites in Corsica

Camping holidays in Corsica can be relaxing and tranquil or exciting and adventurous. From afar Cosica looks like a mountain in the Mediterranean Sea and that's exactly what it is. It is defined by its dramatic granite heights and rugged, jagged coastlines. When visiting campsites in Corsica, you will find for example the beautiful campsite of Marina d'Erba Rossa which is located in Ghisonaccia on the eastern coast. This campsite is a firm holiday favourite selected from family holiday reviews.

Attractions and sightseeing in Corsica

The city of Ajaccio is made up of stunning white buildings, dazzling in the hot Corsican sun. Here you will find Napoleonic memorabilia in honour of Napoloen Bonaparte himself who was born here. The town of Bastia is also a lovely place to visit. It has a wonderful port and a historic citadel that towers over the streets below.

Nearby you will also find St.Nicholas beach, shaded with tropical palm trees making it ideal for a rest. The town of Aleria is also a wonderful place to visit with its historic Roman excavations. Many people who choose to have holidays in Corsica though simply choose to soak up the beautiful Corsican sun, sea and sand.

Corsica Cuisine

The people of Corsica love their food and drink and when you see all the fruits and herbs growing freely you can understand why. Olive groves, vineyards, chestnuts and orange trees are in abundance bringing bursts of colour to the landscapes. Red wine is produced locally and is a specialty of the country.

The surrounding waters also mean that seafood is in no shortage and Corsica is particularly famous for its lobster. All of these delicacies must be sampled whilst on holiday in Corsica as they will not taste the same anywhere else in the world.

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