Campsites in the French Alps

The Alps is France’s third most popular tourist region, following Paris and the Côte d’Azur, and it is Europe’s largest mountain range. The Alp's spread over France, Italy and Switzerland, with the highest peaks being on the eastern edge and forming a formidable natural barrier with Italy.

From the towering mountain peaks of the Alps, through cascading rivers and magnificent gorges, the stunning beauty of this region is undeniable. In the winter the Alps are a world of snow and ice. Once Winter’s last snows have melted, the Alp's reveal their true majesty. The hills again become verdant green meadows, with vast forests and sparkling lakes, plus a multitude of treasurable towns and villages in between. This is when the Alp's become ideal for exploration, by car, bicycle or on foot, with the added bonus of cable cars to make reaching the heart of the mountains even easier and more spectacular.

Below is a list of campsites in the French Alps selected from family holiday reviews.

La Serraz campsite La Serraz campsite

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Les Fontaines campsite Les Fontaines campsite

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La Ravoire campsite La Ravoire campsite

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Le Belledonne campsite Le Belledonne campsite

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