Campsites in Gironde and Gascony

Gascony is one of those wonderful areas of France that is steeping in history and there is always plenty to see and do. The pace of life is very laid back and there is a feeling of travelling back in time, to such periods when everybody wasn’t in such a hurry. Situated in the South western region of Aquitaine, Gascony has plenty to see and do. You could visit Lavardens castle, Auch cathedrals spectacular choir stalls and the stunning art at Flaran Abbey.

Should you be feeling active, you can find a whole host of activities in the region such as cycling, hiking, boating horse riding etc. But all these activities come secondary to relaxing when holidaying in Gascony. It’s a culture thing. Below is a selection of recommended campsites in Gironde and Gascony from family holiday reviews.

Le Vieux Port campsite Le Vieux Port campsite

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Sylvamar campsite Sylvamar campsite

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Sequoia campsite Sequoia campsite

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Bonne Anse Plage campsite Bonne Anse Plage (s.a) campsite

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Gironde & Gascony local cuisine

Aquitaine When you have relaxed or perhaps done a little gentle exercise, you will be ready for some fine food and wine that is typical of this region of France. Gascony is famous for its duck and goose and there will be no shortage of this. Duck confit is a firm favourite as is cassoulet. Wash this down with some of the finest red wine you will ever taste, and you’ll be ready to relax once again on the sun terrace to sleep it all off.

The region of Aquitaine itself borders Spain and also skirts the Atlantic Ocean on its western side. On this western edge, you’ll find the famous beaches, water-sports and general summer fun that is so typical of this area of Aquitaine.

Gironde & Gascony Attractions

There are plenty of places to visit, including the major cities of Bordeaux, Perigueux and Biarritz. Taking these beautiful cities and combining it with the stunning forest backdrops of the Landes region, the foothills of the Pyrenees and other notable landmarks such as the Dune de Pilat (the largest sand dune in the whole of Europe!), you can rest assured that you will have a breathtaking visual extravaganza!

Moving toward the southern edge of Gironde, you will come across yet more wine tasting opportunities and of course the famous Cote d’Argent beach which attracts thousands of surfers a year to Lacanau, being the longest beach on Europe.

With its fabulous beaches, cities rich in history, unspoilt countryside and of course the wine, this region of France is a favourite with our customers. We have a selection of parcs in this region from which to explore and of course enjoy the on-parc entertainment and facilities which are second to none.