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The French region of Jura and Lorraine attracts many visitors due to it's natural beautiful scenery and it's wide selection of sporting events. With it's vast mountain ranges and majestic forests it's a paradise for hiking, skiing, mountain biking and fishing. Below is a list of campsites in Jura and Lorraine selected from family holiday reviews at my family holidays site.

La Pergola campsite La Pergola campsite

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Domaine de Chalain campsite Domaine de Chalain campsite
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Jura Cuisine

poulet au vin jauneJura is blessed with many rivers, mountainous lakes and lush forestry, which directly reflects on the cuisine for the Jura region. Fresh fish is often found on menus across the region, salmon is a particular favourite, and the forests provide plenty of game. Fondue and cheese is another common occurrence, brochette jurassienne for instance is pieces of cheese wrapped in ham, which is fried on a skewer, and escalope de veau belle comtoise is veal escallops baked with slices of ham and cheese and smothered in breadcrumbs. A majority of Jura's cheeses are made from cow's milk and include some sharp-tasting blues, and local versions of gruyère and Swiss emmental. Other cuisine specialities in Jura include poulet au vin jaune, which is chicken, and morels in a creamy sauce flavoured with the local wine, and brési which is cured thin beef slices.

As for a typical wine cellar of Jura, you will discover a variety of rosé, reds and whites, and the special vin jaune. Vin jaune is a rich golden, potent wine with a nutty bouquet, fermented for 6-10 years before being bottled. Another Jura speciality in wine is Hypocras. Hypocras is a red wine accompanied with sugar and spices, certainly worth a try if you’re on the hunt for a more adventurous red wine.

Jura Attractions and Events

There are plenty of exciting things to do in Jura from exploring fantastic lakes such as Bonlieu and Ilay plus the beautiful Herisson falls.

Baume les Messieurs is a very picturesque village in the middle of three valleys. The Village is blessed with a spectacular waterfall (10 meters) as well as many intreiguing caves in the area.

Vouglans Lake
Vouglans Lake is located near the bottom of a lush green valley making it the ideal place for fishing and taking in the natural sights of the country.

Lons-le-Saunier is a picturesque town located directly in the heart of the Jura region. The town is rich in cultural heritage and historical sights. The town has histrically been known as 'Ledo Salinarius' which when translated means ‘town of salt’. The high salt content in the region was down to the thermal springs which was originally exploited by the Romans. People craving a relalaxing holiday after a energetic day will be glad to know the thermal spa is still present today and caters for simple relaxation to more complex health regimes.

Dole is a quiet town in an authentic historic quarter of Jura. There are narrow, steep streets which have many old houses offering some wonderful architectural sights. The main building of interest is the 16th century Eglise church of Notre Dame - the largest in the Franche-Comte.

Jura Science museum
Maison de Pasteur is the laboratory and home of Louis Pasteur, one of the world's greatest scientists. The museum is well worth a visit for thouse interested in the foundations of science.

The town of Morains-en-Montagne hosts a Toy and Childhood Museum which is also known as the ‘house of toys’. It was founded in 1997 and originally started in partnership with the town of Ibi and the Finnish town of Rovaniem.

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