Normandy & Picardy campsites

Normandy campsites Normandy is a great camping destination if your in search of coastal and inland French culture not too far away from the English Channel.

With plenty of museums, a wealth of wonderful sights, and intriguing tourist attractions, Normandy is often used for overnight stops by holiday camping travelers making it the ideal gateway to France. This is not to say that the campsites in Normandy are less impressive than it’s surrounding regions. Château Le Brevedent for example is set in a fabulous orchard near a lake whilst La Vallée campsite is located amongst fruit trees, close to the seaside town of Houlgate. Chateau Lez Eaux is set in grounds of a fabulous mannor house and Château de Drancourt is surrounded by fabulous gardens, well maintained by it caring owners. Even La Bien Assise campsite is set in the grounds of a moated mansion!

Below is a list of Normandy campsites and Picardy campsites selected from family holiday reviews.

Château Le Brevedent campsite Château Le Brevedent
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La Vallée campsite La Vallée campsite
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Château Lez Eaux campsite Château Lez Eaux campsite
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Château de Drancourt Château de Drancourt
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La Bien Assise La Bien Assise campsite
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Normandy Weather and Climate

With Normandy located off the English Channel it experiences unpredictable weather however not as harsh as Britain. Winters are much milder (temperatures rarely fall under 3 degrees) and summers tend to be warmer than southern Britain with average sunshine hours of 6 to 8 hours per day. The weather in Normandy tends to have few frosty days and a lot of rain which explains its lush green countryside.

Average monthly Celsius temperature for Normandy
Celsius Normandy London
Jan 8 4
Feb 6 5
Mar 8 7
Apr 13 10
May 14 13
Jun 20 16
Jul 22 18
Aug 22 17
Sep 18 15
Oct 15 11
Nov 11 8
Dec 8 6
Average monthly Fahrenheit temperature for Normandy
Fahrenheit Normandy London
Jan 46 39
Feb 44 40
Mar 47 44
Apr 55 49
May 57 55
Jun 68 61
Jul 71 64
Aug 72 63
Sep 65 59
Oct 58 52
Nov 51 46
Dec 46 42

Normandy Cuisine

Gigot d'agneau et terrine Normandy is filled with vast country fields and many orchards, which means the region has an abundance of fruit and plenty of livestock, particularly cows. In fact, milk from cows in Normandy makes up more than half of France's milk, butter, cream and cheese. Normandy is also blessed with superb seafood dishes, especially shellfish. The towns of Trouville and Deauville, often have lobster, prawns, crayfish, scallops and mussels. Sole Normande is a popular fish dish, gently poached and served with a delightful sauce. Sole Dieppoise is also popular and served in a white wine sauce. Sole Dieppoise is also poached and served in a white wine sauce embellished with shrimp and mussels.

If seafood is not to your taste then perhaps Gigot d’Agneau Pre Sel dish is more tempting. Gigot d’Agneau Pre Sel is a roasted leg of lamb, but no ordinary lamb as it has a distinctive difference in taste due to the lambs being raised on salty marshlands. Canard Rouennaise is made with duck from the Rouen area and cooked in juices of the crushed carcase and ducks blood, mixed with Calvados. This dish certainly doesn’t sound appertising but if you take a dislike to this adventourous taste then you can wash it away with fine Normandy cider. With plenty or Orchards in Normandy, fruit juices are not only used for cider but also distilled to make fine brandies and also a variety of sauces for deserts. such as Calvandos.. The aperitif pommade is made from adding cider to Calva or Calvados making this desert extremely alcoholic. For the Normandy cuisine apertiser, cheeses are often a taste sensation from Camembert to Bondon (square and soft Pont l'Eveque) and the strong Livarot.

Overall Normandy’s food is known to be less sophisticated than other regions of France, however it still packs plenty of flavour and varied tastes.

Normandy Attractions and Events

Rouen’s natural urban park
The Rouen’s natural urban park is set in the Seine Maritime county of Normandy. The park has been recognised as the biggest urban bird refuge in the whole of France.

Cité de la Mer
Cité de la Mer located in La Manche county is an exploration of the underwater world. The unique complex is dedicated to the deep sea and its conquest, with a restored old maritime terminal, an impressive war time submarine, a virtual underwater adventure and a large aquarium.

Honfleur is a picturesque fishing port hosting a wide range of restaurants as well as many arts & crafts shops. Here you will witness many exquisite pavement artists hard at work around the renowned Honfleur harbour.

Bayeux is full of momentous history, truly a charming medieval town, untouched by World War 2 bombings. Bayeux hosts a beautiful gothic cathedral and a famous 900 year old tapestry that is a must visit.

Aquarium Vivarium de Trouville
Aquarium Vivarium de Trouville is 600m² of exhibition floor space with more than 70 tanks representing sea life from around the worlds continents. The complex also exhibits animals and insects from the rainforests of the world. Festyland
Festyland is a Leisure park for all ages of children. There are small rides for the little ones and larger rides for teens. A reinactment of a Viking battle is held every day in the months of July and August. The france theme park has a souvenir shop, a variety of restaurants and free parking for all.

Zoo Cerza
Zoo Cerza is a huge 50 hectares of zoo land which allows the park to give animals plenty of freedom and experience more of their natural environment in each of the enclosures. Observational points are set up to allow visitors to observe the large cats such as lions and tigers. A mini-train is available for transport and tours around Zoo Cerza. Free parking also available.

Château de Henry Fontaine
Château de Henry Fontaine is a 13th Century Château which has been preserved as a family home. Architectural styles are Renaissance, Gothic and Neoclassical. A magnificent collection of Renaissance paintings, porcelain and furniture are on display in the Château.

Musée de Normandie
Musée de Normandie established in 1963, focuses its collections on the History of Normandy, ethnography and archeology.

Naturoscope host over 50 species of butterflies in a large expanse of tropical paradise. The temperature is controlled at 28 degrees and visitors can stroll the 200 metres of paths whilst admiring the tropical plants and wildlife.

Calvados Père Magloire
Calvados Père Magloire is a guided tour of a apple brandy (calvados) museum with tastings and background history of the associated craft.

Le Mémorial de Caen
Le Mémorial de Caen is a museum that reflects on the emotions of world wars. The museum has a park where you can stroll around, Interactive data terminals, Video rooms, and a book shop. Up to half a million people visit Le Mémorial de Caen each year.

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