Paris & Loire campsites

Loire campsitesBeing the Capital of France, Paris is often known for its romance and drama. Hosting many famous landmarks including the Notre Dame museum and the obvious Eiffel Tower, it also has many fun filled theme parks from the famous Disneyland Paris resort to Parc Asterix. Paris is only an hours drive away from Loire however both have many contrasts. The Val de Loire is frequently referred to as ‘the Garden of France’. The Loire has a central river that dominates the regions ground., Many picturesc views along the river are often enjoyed by visitors to the region, especially the Troglodyte dwellings carved from limestone. Loire is filled with fairytale chateaux's and historical towns surrounded by lush green countryside, a break away from the frantic life of Paris and a haven for holiday campers.

The Val de Loire is a haven of beautiful countryside and magnificent fairytale Chateau's. Within its ancient forests lies many campsites that not only allow you to explore the surrounding area, but boast many entertaining attractions and high levels of service and quality. Take park Alicourts for example. This campsite is a firm favourite for the Loire region, which is no surprise when you look at what it has to offer. From a lakeside beach, a fabulous new bar and restaurant, adventurous activities from zip wire action to crazy golf fun, and the pier de resistance, a new and very impressive Balneo therapy centre offering massages, saunas, Jacuzzi’s and many more relaxation therapies. For independent family reviews of Alicourts, click here.

Another fantastic campsite to visit in the Loire Valley is Le parc de Fierbois. This campsite is filled full of family fun offering activities from archery and volleyball to face painting and crafty arts in the park run kids clubs. The campsite also has it’s own river passing through, providing fishing and canoeing opportunities. Many family reviews of Le parc de Fierbois highly boasts about the large swimming pool complex and the many fun slides for little one's and big one’s. Read Le parc de Fierbois reviews at

Below is a list of campsites in Loire and Paris selected from family holiday reviews.

La Croix du Vieux Pont La Croix du Vieux Pont
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Ferme de la Fée Ferme de la Fée campsite
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Alicourts campsite Alicourts
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Le Château des Marais campsite Le Château des Marais
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Le Parc de Fierbois campsite Le Parc de Fierbois
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Loire average temperature

Average monthly Celsius temperature for Loire compared to London
Celsius Paris & Loire London
Jan 9.9 4
Feb 8.6 5
Mar 11.3 7
Apr 17.7 10
May 16.7 13
Jun 23.3 16
Jul 25.7 18
Aug 24.6 17
Sep 21.8 15
Oct 16.9 11
Nov 12.4 8
Dec 9.5 6
Average Fahrenheit temperature
for Loire
Fahrenheit Paris & Loire London
Jan 50 39
Feb 47 40
Mar 52 44
Apr 64 49
May 62 55
Jun 74 61
Jul 78 64
Aug 76 63
Sep 71 59
Oct 62 52
Nov 54 46
Dec 49 42

Loire and Paris Cuisine

Noisettes de porc aux pruneaux Loire cuisineLoire and Paris have many culinary delights from superb fish dishes made from the local catch in Loire to fresh snails in ‘Pari country’. Wild boar is also a favourite local dish and of course, wine tasting is highly recommended, especially Sauvignon Blanc which is a rich succulent gooseberry flavour and a more traditional regional secret, the deep red Loire Cabernet Franc, which is blessed with flavours of rich raspberries. As for desert Quernons d'Ardoise is a speciality of Anjou which is made from almonds, hazelnuts, and delicious caramelised praline, coated in blue chocolate! Other renowned dishes to both regions are:

Quenelles de brochet: A poached pike mousse.
Tourangelle soup: Created from a mixture of local vegetables & salted pork.
Fouace: A modest sized bread, flat in shape and baked in a wood burning stove. Fouace is often filled with a variety of food from rillettes, cheese, bacon, mushrooms and various beans.
Noisettes de porc aux pruneaux
: Pork chunks cooked with cream, prunes and wine (often white).

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